Better Bookings with Resurva

When you use Resurva, you’ll have the time and focus for the only thing that matters: exceptional client service.

Phone, tablet, laptop or desktop:
Access and manage your Resurva account anywhere.

Resurva is browser based so there’s no software to install for you or your clients.



Resurva works in your favourite browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE 9+. After your 60 day test drive, our monthly plans start at $20.

60 days to transform the way you do business.

Take the “The Resurva Test” to spend less time on administration tasks and more time on service.

All Resurva Plans Come with the Same Great Features

We bill by the month and won’t make you sign a long-term contract.

CalendarWeekly Schedule

  • Take advantage of the super fast weekly calendar view with quick, tabbed access to the next 7 days of bookings.
  • Quickly search clients and their bookings
  • Manage availabilities on the fly just by tapping time slots on and off
  • Modify client booking times right from the calendar

Secure Online BookingsSecure Online Booking

  • Anytime, anywhere access for clients to secure bookings from a phone, tablet or desktop using bank level SSL encryption.
  • Hassle free appointment changes & cancellations
  • Fill up empty schedule slots using the “Next 5″ feature to display the next five available service openings

works_on_mobileWorks on Mobile & PC

  • Built to work in all modern day web browsers
  • No annoying software installation required
  • Optimized, intuitive and sure to not slow you down

Feature - RemindersRemind & Share

  • Enable “Social Bookings” for your clients to share appointments with their Facebook friends and Twitter followers
  • Cut down on missed bookings with automatic reminders sent through email SMS text messages.

Manage ClientsManage Clients

  • Built in Facebook, Google and Twitter integration. No new logins needed from your clients to secure bookings.
  • Client profiles to keep service notes and preferences
  • Quickly and easily mark no shows, discounts and cancelled bookings.


  • Get an instant snapshot of your business’ health
  • Compare and track your transactions by month, week, or day
  • View client visits by staff member, service type or total visits.

Sign up now and get:

  • 60 days to test out Resurva
  • Gold glove set up & support
  • Worry free client bookings
  • More time to service your clients

Resurva works in Real-Time not Near-Time.

Resurva uses a fast, powerful push notification network so you’ll see customer bookings instantly, as they happen, on every device.


Resurva, You & Vend:
3 steps to perfect client service experiences.


Step 1


Manage your business and staff schedules while your clients book appointments on your Resurva account.


Step 2

Exceptional Service

Since you’re spending less time on admin, you’ve got more time to focus on creating exceptional client service experiences; appointment, after appointment, after appointment.


Step 3


Connect your Resurva account with your Vend account for painless point of sale, inventory management and sales reporting. When you’re ready to sell online, just connect your Shopify store to your Vend account.