Online Appointment Booking
Software for Yoga studios

Let your clients book their own Yoga sessions, and minimize your admin time.

Make your clients love you before they walk in the door: Effortless web and app based Yoga studio bookings.

Make your instructors stoked: Less daily admin & frictionless client appointments.

Eliminate more admin time for your Yoga studio with our add-ons: Websites, ECommerce, Vend POS, Payments, & MailChimp.

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Resurva Appointment Widget on iPhone

WHAT YOUR CLIENTS SEE when they book an appointment

  • Effortless client bookings with your Yoga instructors.
  • Automated Email & SMS Reminders.
  • No Software to install.
  • Built in Facebook, Google and Twitter integration. No new logins needed to secure bookings.
Resurva Admin Schedule on iPad

WHAT YOU SEE at the Yoga studio

  • A detailed view of your Yoga studio appointments.
  • Change instructor schedules and availabilities on the fly.
  • Compare and track your transactions by month, week, or day.

Transform the way your yoga studio does business.