The Ultimate Custom Tailoring
Shop Appointment App Set Up

We cover all the steps required to set up your
Resurva account to manage appointments for custom tailors.

Management Topics Covered

General Account Set Up

We cover the basic Resurva set up: setting up your Services & Providers, setting your General Hours and your Provider Hours and how to set up different services per provider. We also show you how to add bookings to your schedule, how to block specific clients from booking and a quick overview of Client Lists. Finally, we show you how to quickly Block On/Off time slots on your schedule, and how to view/test your Resurva widget as a client when you are setting up.

Service & Bookings Settings

We explain Service Categories, adding colour codes to your services and how to Hide a Service from a client. We show you an overview of the Last Booking Date setting, Group Services, Provider Splits, Client Login setting, Payments & Cancellation Protection. We also also cover the Bookings Per Day option and finally how to indicate on the schedule, new clients and client notes.

App Settings

We get more in depth with our Payment option and our Cancellation Protection feature, and give an overview of Analytics, our Booking Search feature, and get more into our integrations like MailChimp, our Calendar Sync and Vend. We also cover Client Groups. Finally, we cover some basic Admin settings like Connecting Providers for email notifications and Permissions.