The Ultimate Resurva set up for Barbershop Appointment & Schedule Management

Want to get the most out of Resurva for your Barbershop?
We’ve put together the ultimate resource for you.

Management Options Covered:

Initial Set Up

General Set Up

We cover the basics: set up your Time Zone setting , your Time Slot setting and adding your Location information. We also show you how to add your Logo and Tagline and how to view your account as a customer.


We cover the basic Provider set up like Adding a Provider, how to Add a Bio and Image and how to set a First Booking Date.


Learn the Schedule basics – set up your General Business Hours, setting your Provider schedules, and editing your Provider hours on the schedule.


Here we cover general Services tasks such as Adding a Service, setting it’s length and Adding a Service Cost.

General Settings


Customize your Bookings set up: First Booking Date , Last Booking Date and set your Booking Interval. We also cover Booking Approval , Private Booking and the Next 5 Bookings setting.


Learn how to allow Multi-Service selection and how to show and hide service Duration and Cost in the booking form.


Set up your provider Splits (if applicable), the Provider Selection settings and the No-Preference bookings. More details on provider settings below.

Payments & Clients

Configure your account to Accept Payments . You can take full payments or deposits based on business policy, or force certain clients to pay fully before booking.

Admin Accounts

Create New

Learn how to create a new Admin Account.


Resurva has two levels of admin Permissions: All Access and Limited. Learn how to set your admin permissions for each admin in your account.

Front Desk Set Up

We recommend setting up an admin account for the Front Desk, if applicable. This admin would have All Access permissions and be able to check in clients and add new phone in appointments.

Connected Providers

Set up your admin as a Connected Provider to enable email booking notifications. Notifications are for new and cancelled bookings.


Client Booking Window

Get an overview of the Client Booking Window: Check In your appointments, mark a booking as a No Show , how to Block a client , see which Notifications were sent to a client and how to Create a Series of bookings.

Edit Day

Learn how to quickly Edit a Day for each provider by adjusting their day’s hours or by turning them off altogether.

Schedule View

An overview of your Schedule options: Learn how to Move Bookings, View Cancelled Appointments, Tap On/Off, and how to Rebook an appointment.

Create New Schedule

Learn how to create a New Weekly Schedule in advance.

Barber Management

Default Split & First & Last Booking Day

If you’re a commission based business, set up Splits to get daily % totals of each provider’ services. We also show you how to set a First & Last booking day for each provider if applicable.

Private Clients

If you’d like to close off your schedule to new clients but allow your current clients to book with you, set up your Private Clients list.


Learn how to set up Breaks in your schedule for each provider.

Provider Status

Learn how to set a custom Not Available Statement and set custom Active dates.

Custom Durations & Costs

If you have a provider who would like to have a different time slot than the general shop time slot, you can set their Custom Time Slot . We also cover how to disable the provider Wait List.

Custom Time Slots & Disable your Wait List

If you have a provider who would like to have a different time slot than the general shop time slot, you can set their Custom Time Slot. We also cover how to disable the provider Wait List.

Calendar Sync

Learn how to sync your external calendar with your Resurva schedule so that bookings in your external calendar are blocked out in Resurva and your Resurva appointments become external calendar events.


Client Wait Lists

Our Wait List feature allows your clients to add themselves to a provider’ wait list on fully booked days. If there are cancellations for that provider the wait list will notify anyone on the list (in order of sign up) of openings.

MailChimp Integration

Learn how to connect a MailChimp list to your Resurva account to allow your clients to opt-in to your list upon booking. You can also batch import your entire client list to your MailChimp list with one easy click.

Client List

See all your clients and filter based on specific criteria.


Analytics Overview

Our Analytics will give you better insight into your business. Break your business down by Bookings, Revenue, Services and Clients.

Booking Search

Our Booking Search function allows you to see all your bookings for Today, Tomorrow, Custom date or an advanced search for a range of dates and options.

General Tips & Settings

Point of Sale Integration

Resurva integrates with Vend POS for inventory control, gift cards and customer loyalty management. Connect your Resurva account with a Vend POS account.

Customize Your Booking Widget

You can make basic customizations to your booking widget for widgts which are embedded in external websites. Learn how here.

Customize Your Notifications

Learn how to customize your email notifications (confirmations, cancellations) to clients.

Add Ons

Resurva Websites

Get a pro website & found on Google.

Resurva Websites

For point of sale & customer loyalty.

Resurva Websites

Take deposits, full payments & hold cards.

Resurva Websites

For email marketing.

Effortless appointments for clients. Less admin for you.
More time for service – the only thing that matters.