Resurva helps barbershops throughout the UK and Europe manage their appointments online.

Frank Rimer Depends On
Resurva For Thy Barber.

Frank Glorified Testimonial
My clients run my reception.

Thy Barber

London, England

Situated in the heart of Shoreditch, Thy Barber is a barber lifestyle brand specializing in classic, rockabilly, traditional, and vintage finishes for haircuts.

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The Nomad Barber lets Resurva do the heavy lifting.

Resurva has helped my business massively over the last year and a half. The simple, easy to use system, which clients love, makes it easier for me to focus on providing an excellent service experience while Resurva does all the hard work.

The Nomad Barber

London, England

The Nomad Barbershop is located just off Brick Lane in London's trendy east end. Haircuts and shaves run at 45 minute slots which allow the barbers to offer a complimentary hair wash along with a hot towel & lather neck shave with every haircut and incorporate various massage techniques into the shaves.

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James Donnelly depends on Resurva for Sam’s Barbers.

No joke, #Resurva has actually transformed our barbershops for the better!

Sam’s Barber

Dublin, Ireland

Sam’s Barbers Est. 1901 is a family run chain of barbershops that cover all aspects of men's grooming from classic haircuts and hot towel shaves to beard maintenance. With 5 locations throughout Dublin, Sam's Barbers caters to all.

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