Crows Nest Barbershop

We like to think of resurva as the little appointment system that could

Resurva’s story starts in the summer of 2011 after seeing our friends at Crows Nest Barbershop struggle to keep up with an ever expanding client base.

When Crows Nest opened their doors they were strictly a walk in barbershop. But as the word quickly spread (and spread it did!) about Crows Nest, long bench sitting sessions became the norm.

Crows Nest Barbershop barber cutting

There had to be a better way…

To rectify the waiting problem, the Crows Nest guys decided to move to phone based appointments. But, the phone kept ringing, and ringing, and ringing… interrupting the service experiences for the clients sitting in the chairs.

This got Neil, our product manager, thinking while he waited for his weekly cut. After all, if you’re going to provide great service at your place of business, you need to be focused and consistent. Distractions, like phone calls, literally interrupt the focus required for consistent, exceptional service.

No really, there had to be a better way…

After putting his ideas together, Neil knew we could help and brought the idea of launching an appointment system up at a weekly Offshoot office production meeting. Having previously built an appointment tool for another client, we decided that this was our opportunity to work with Crows Nest to build a web based appointment service for barbershops.

After talking over the idea, and what we needed feature wise for Crows Nest, we approached the CNBS crew with our proposed solution. And, with a little convincing from us, they were down to begin using our unnamed appointment platform.

What we do every day…

Fast forwarding a few years, we’re stoked to say we’ve acquired an amazing roster of clients who depend on Resurva to achieve service excellence. Every day we get to collaborate with businesses from global hubs like London, Paris, New York, Melbourne and LA to unexpected cities like Jakarta, Indonesia or Iqaluit, Nunavut.

So why run an appointment platform?

It’s immensely rewarding for us to have intimate, connected relationships with many of our clients. We get a huge kick out of helping a business who has a good thing going get administration under control so they get back to building their story.

We often joke that we run Resurva like an indie record label from the 1990s. We’re all DIY (Do It Yourself) at Resurva. We learned about business from going to Hardcore shows. We got see, first hand, our friends put on shows, run record labels and tour the world with their bands because they wanted to make a mark. Running a business wasn’t the driving force back then. The reason to do something was to create community and culture.

Each business that uses Resurva needs to know that there’s a group of people who are looking out for them. Converting a trial is not our concern. Our concern is making sure we’re helping each business optimize their administration platform to get back to what matters – the service.

We’re accountable and accessible.

Executing at an exceptional level is what we’re all about. From an individual’s first interaction with Resurva at an event or through a content post online to the daily use of the service; quality is our primary concern.

Barber at Good Times Barbershop. Photo by @xkylex

So, what do we do to set ourselves apart?

We’re accountable and accessible:

We create our own content by documenting the service world with our portrait series. We get work alongside some amazing photographers to create art on a very interesting subject matter.

When travelling, we’ll always make an effort to visit businesses using Resurva to say, “What’s up, we’re real people behind this service. Thanks for collaborating with us.”

When the time comes for a business to sign up for Resurva we’ll jump on any questions as soon as possible.

Lastly, the Resurva platform is continuously refined by adding useful features to make the management of each day as efficient and straight forward as possible.

In short, EVERYTHING is important to us because that’s the only way to build an authentic story. Authenticity is always built, never bought.